Hipper Grinding - Original technology of assembler that only Hipper Freios has in Brazil

Leading the market in the segment of brake systems throughout Latin America, Hipper Freios has been recognized by the extremely high quality of its products and services. All this is a result of a strong investment in excellence, technology and safety. An example of this is that the company just make available to the market spare Brazilian great news exclusive: the Hipper Grinding.

Drawn from the investment in research and development, Hipper Freios brings this innovative technology in the manufacture of brake discs for the Brazil, until then only used by major automakers in the international market.

With the Hipper Grinding is possible to achieve the minimum possible variation of thickness, flatness, beat and roughness on brake discs, making the pieces meet the demands of a fully market select.

Conventional disc Disc with technology


Watch the video explaining our new technology, the Hipper Grinding

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