All products of the Hipper Freios have a perfect dialogue between players of quality. High technology, durability and the most competitive prices in the market: Hipper Freios offers a wide range of products that ensure extreme credibility, innovation and trust.

  • Disco de Freios

    Brake Discs

    Normally used in the front shaft, but also applied in the rear shaft of sports vehicles or vehicles that need greater power and efficiency in the braking system.

  • Tambor de Freio

    Brake Drum

    It is the part responsible for dissipating the heat generated by friction during braking. It has a decisive role in the brake’s performance.

  • Cubo de roda

    Wheel Hub

    It is the support of the brake disc or drum and where the wheel bolts or nuts are fixed. It also serves for the homokinetic joint to transmit the torque to the vehicle wheels and set it in motion.

Note: The information cited are usual for each product, being that they reflect the current situation, and may be changed at any time without prior notice. Merely illustrative images.

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Hipper Freios announces 86 items with Niobium Steel Technology

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