Hipper Freios

Niobium Steel

Niobium Steel Technology is based on Niobium, an ore used in high performance and resistant metal alloys.

The advantage: greater mechanical resistance and less heating, as these are essential aspects for braking safety. Niobium Steel is yet another exclusivity to make a revolution in the country's brake market.

Created from the investment in research and development, Hipper Freios brings this innovative technology, until then used only by large automakers in the international market.

Hipper Grinding facilitates the pre-bedding process of brake pads. It is also possible to achieve the minimum variation in thickness, run-out, flatness and roughness in the brake discs, thus meeting the requirements of a totally distinct market.

In order to continuously offer quality and innovation, Hipper Freios applies different technologies to its product line.

Among them, Hipper Carbon stands out, as it integrates a high level of carbon into the products, providing many advantages such as greater thermal conductivity, contribution to heat dissipation and vibration reduction.


As in every PitStop, you will save much more time, in addition to facilitating the work when using Hipper Freios brake discs. After all, they are easy to handle, do not require cleaning and disk preparation and, of course, are more efficient and quick to install.


The discs are immersed in an anti-corrosion and mineral oil-free fluid that eliminates the use of chemicals to remove the protective layer formed by oil, which makes it an eco-friendly material.


The Hipper Rápido System provides much more protection to brake discs through its properties that form a thin film deposited by solvents.