Technologies that guarantee quality and excellence to the Hipper Freios products. Hipper Freios search, daily, follow the trends and innovations in the market, to ensure a continuous improvement to its products, adding optimizations used by automakers.

Hipper Carbon

With the goal of always offering quality and inovation, Hipper Freios uses many technologies in it's products. Among them, Hipper Carbon stands out. It integrates a high amount of carbon on the products, providing many advantages: higher thermal conductivity, contribution to heat dissipation and vibration reduction.

This technology, also provides excellence, safety and comfort for the drivers, and a better performance for the vehicle, and now, all products have the Hipper Carbon Stamp, so you can confirm the quality of the product you're using.

Hipper Fast

Fast application
makes the difference

As in every PitStop, you will gain much more time, in addition to saving work on using brake discs from Hipper Freios. After all, they are easy to handle, do not require cleaning and preparing the disc and, of course, are more efficient and have fast application.


With the Fast Hipper System, you purchase a brake disc with a very high level of coefficient of friction right from the first braking, not needing a pre-setting time, thus reducing the possibility of noises.


The discs are immersed in anticorrosive fluid free of mineral oil that waives the use of chemical products to remove the protective layer formed by the oil, making the material ecologically correct.

Faster setting
of the Pads

The pad setting period, also known as Brake-in, is considerably reduced due to a perfect surface finish.


The Hipper Fast System provides the brake discs with much greater protection, through its anti-wetting and dewatering properties, which form a fine film deposited by solvents

Hipper Formance

HipperFormance is a Hipper Freios rotor division that embraces special technology approved by important automobile racers as Cacá Bueno.

The discs are machined with slots, brought to you more safety and stability always, no matter what do you face. HipperFormance granted precise brake and safe driving.

This line gives power and performance in slippery wet roads, as also disperses gases between brake disc and brake pad.

All this technology helps to observe and improve abrasion and brings as one of the biggest differentials the maintenance of brake pad friction material, always renovated. So, with HipperFormance there is more safety when you brake no matter what condition the road is.

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