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Thinking of the best socio-environmental solutions and, especially, assuming the duties and obligations toward society, Hipper Freios shows all its concern and care with the well-being of all those around it.

Thus, projects were created that have been gaining followers, in education, health, sports and environment, and are already in the company and society’s day-to-day acts.

Hipper Freios is a company that always seeks to assist in the continuous improvement of the community of Sangão City, through its various social projects. Therefore, we idealized another way to contribute to the future of our young people, creating the first Hipper math Challenge.

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Hipper Freios always seeks the best solutions, so listening to customer services, and for always seeking differentials for the various segments of the industry, we decided to meet our customers and produce the brake discs to the Ford Maverick. This vehicle so sweet and unforgettable for many generations.

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Thinking of a closer relationship with all partners and all the network of Hipper Freios, we launched the project Partners of the week. If you have a partner, send photos and show everyone your partnership with us.

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The Project of Hipper School serves the entire community and have the objective to perform sports practice with events and competitions. Believing in a complete and holistic education, Hipper School teaches classes of graduation tactical and technique of Futsal.


Operating according to the environmental laws and, above all, watching the standards of use and occupation of the soil, the solid waste management, wastewater treatment and implementing reduction practices, reuse and recycling, Hipper Freios becomes a highlight when it comes to the interaction of a modern company and the enviroment.
These practices have put the companyat the forefront of green efforts in Brazil. Besides that, this kind of action will provide security and well-being to its employees as well as it keeps them informed about the ecologically correct company procedures, and the significance of these practices in daily life.

Hipper Action

Hipper Escola

Hipper Escola

Este é um dos projetos que nos integram com a comunidade. O Hipper Escola atende todo o município de Sangão e tem...

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Hipper Freios announces 86 items with Niobium Steel Technology

Hipper Freios announces 86 items with Niobium Steel Technology

Julho de 2019

A new label, with vibrant colors and contours that evoke a message of technology and innovation, will come with the...

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