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A player in the national and international brake scenario, Hipper Freios has been showing a completely new and innovative face, which allows its consumers to have a high quality product geared toward solving the needs for safety and comfortability that permeates the modern world. Hipper Freios’ logo, already in its body, brings elements that delineate and underpin all this referentiality to what the market demands.

The curves that identify from afar the Hipper Freios logo were exclusively created to give the feeling of stability, comfort and safety in the curves – main focus of the brand’s products. Cleaner and contemporary, it transmits right direction and planned growth. It is minimalism taking its place. On seeing the logo created exclusively for the company, the consumer (internal and/or external) should feel the tranquility of projecting something very important: his needs.

The colors, balanced constantly between light yellow and dark navy blue, tend to lead human perception to an environment of speed, fully contained by the sinuousness and concision of the source that, through this combination, gives the brand solidness and, mainly, a very great recall potential to those touched by it.
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A Hipper Freios sempre procura oferecer ao mercado as melhores soluções e diferenciais. Assim, ouvindo os canais de...

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[HONDA] HR-V 1.8 16V 2016> (+ ABS)

Cubo de Roda

HFCT 713

Aplicação: [HONDA] HR-V 1.8 16V 2016> (+ ABS)

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Hipper Freios throws exclusive technology in Brazil for brake discs Singles in Brazil

Hipper Freios throws exclusive technology in Brazil for brake discs Singles in...

Junho de 2017

Hipper Freios brings this innovative technology in the manufacture of brake discs for the Brazil, until then only used...

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