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Hipper Freios announces 86 items with Niobium Steel Technology

Hipper Freios announces 86 items with Niobium Steel Technology

With the success of the Niobium Steel technology applied to its discs, Hipper Freios brings to the market 86 items from its portfolio with this novelty that provides increased safety and efficiency. Niobium is a chemical element used to strengthen steel alloys in products that demand high performance, bringing higher resistance, prolonged life span and less heat on brake discs.


The items for vehicles, which demand increased effort from the braking system, will feature this new technology applied to their components. A new label, with vibrant colors and contours that evoke a message of technology and innovation, will come with the line developed to facilitate the identification of the disks containing Niobium by consumers.


Also for this year, the company shall add new products to the production in the new alloy, according to market needs. Once more, Hipper Freios stands out as the leader in launching new technologies, and brings in Hipper Grinding and Niobium Steel the perfect solution for maximum braking efficiency.


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