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Hipper Freios brings novelties and shows its strength in Automec 2019

Hipper Freios brings novelties and shows its strength in Automec 2019

Lots of knowledge, innovation and relationship, this is the definition of Hipper Freios’ participation in the largest auto parts fair in Latin America. Throughout the five days of Automec, the company from Southern Santa Catarina attracted specialists in mechanics, racing and exclusive novelties to its booth.


This year, Hipper Freios presented the Niobium Steel, a brake disc  containing the chemical element Niobium, present in high performing products. The key benefits are increased resistance and lower heating, two essential aspects for safety in braking systems.


The company also provided to the fair’s attendees a chat with the specialists: Dr. Carro, Caca Bueno, Scopino, Batistinha, César Urnhani, Mr. Ernesto (Owner of Intelligent Dogs), Cristiano Rei dos Carros and Renata Fan. It has also supported, along with Tecfil, Riosulese and Bastos Juntas, the Influencers Arena, which counted on 17 specialists delivering lectures on many subjects.


Having had a successful and highlighted year, Hipper Freios shows the strength of its brand at Automec 2019, and makes it clear that it is dedicated to strengthening its relationship with clients, and to bring the best in braking systems. The company wishes to thank all partners and visitors for their support to our brand.


Check the video from Hipper Freios participation at the Show:




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