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Hipper Freios is the most remembered, bought and dearest brand in Brazil

Hipper Freios is the most remembered, bought and dearest brand in Brazil

The Market responded to the technology investment by confirming the quality of its products and the growth of Hipper Freios, with three renowned awards. The brand was elected the most remembered, and most purchased in brake discs, as a result of the Poll Preferred Brands, yearly taken by CINAU and Oficina Brasil. As for the Inova award, from Novo Meio Newspaper, it ranked Hipper Freios as the dearest brand in Brazil. In its tenth edition, the “Sindirepa SP – The best of the year”, the company from Santa Catarina took the silver Seal in the brake discs category.


Also, on the descriptive question where appliers vote for the best among the automotive components brands, Hipper Freios appeared within the top 8 in the general ranking, as the dearest brand in Brazil.


Gathering hundreds of retailers and repairers, the polls reflect a job that has valued the Hipper Grinding technology, which has revolutionized the brake discs market, bringing to consumers a product with excellent performance and safety.


“We are very proud of our whole team, and we are particularly thankful to the appliers and salespersons for choosing our brand. By awarding innovation, the market shows that Hipper Freios is in the right path”, said Hiper-Freios’ President Gilson João da Silva.


To check the full results of this poll, click here.

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