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Hipper Freios participate in fairs abroad

Hipper Freios participate in fairs abroad

Currently with the broadest portfolio with more than 1.000 application references in Asian brands, European, American, Brazilian, Hipper Freios is being consolidated in all markets of our participation with own distribution center in Argentina and exported to more 20 countries.


Hipper Freios through the participation of international fairs and events gain experience and knowledge of each of the relevant markets to have direct contact with dealers in the region, expanding contact with new potential customers and showing the wide range of products manufactured.


Therefore Hipper constantly transposes borders to bring our quality through our brand in the most diverse destinations in the month of June 18 to 20 will be Latin Auto Parts Expo, Panama and in August 27 to 30 in Quito Ecuador in Expomec.


These are undoubtedly opportunities to meet developments in automotive technology markets and further expand our brand more each day Freios Hipper, showing all our quality in each of our products. Participate, we expect them.

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