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Hipper Freios presents the innovative brake disc with Niobium strength

Hipper Freios presents the innovative brake disc with Niobium strength

The most advanced the technology gets, the more safety cars and people achieve, mainly when it regards to braking systems. In following this principle permanently, Hipper Freios, following its top hit Hipper Grinding, presents its exclusive novelty for the year: Niobium Steel, a disc brake with the chemical element Niobium, used to strengthen steel alloys in products that demand high resistance.


This innovation is the result of much Research & Development, a job that led us to formulating a new alloy, using Niobium as its main component. This technology is of extreme importance for high-performance brake discs.




Tests performed at the LINK laboratory, the most renowned one for tests with brake discs for automakers, compared Niobium discs to traditional ones. Results attest a big performance gap.


•Maximum temperature: with less heat, reducing material fatigue. As a result, it maintains its mechanical properties for longer.

•Resistance: Increased resistance of the disc to the appearance of cracks and to its rupture.

•Fluctuation of the drag coefficient: lower variation of the drag coefficient between disc and pads, softening the pedal during braking.


The innovative Niobium Steel disc that arrives in the market highlights Hipper Freios’ leadership in the launch of new technologies. The opportunity is unique to grab this exclusive differential, joining the cross Hipper Grinding with the resistant Niobium alloy, which presents the perfect solution for top braking efficiency.


Check out the test video at the Link Lab with Caca Bueno:




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