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Hipper Freios reaching more and more markets abroad

Hipper Freios reaching more and more markets abroad

Always seeking more quality and innovation in your products, Hipper Freios offers more than brakes, offers technology and excellence for the automotive sector. This way, the company expands more and more your area of expertise, taking your products to new markets. Proof of this, is the participation of Hipper Freios on 3 important fairs worldwide automotive sector in 2016.


From August 31st to September 02nd , Hipper Freios will be with your producs and news at the 32ª Expo Internacional Rujac, in Guadalajara, Mexico. Then, Hipper Freios travel to Frankfurt, Germany, to participate in the Automechanika, the main fair in the world for the automotive services industry. This fair, to be held from 13 to 17 September, is a showcase of innovations in the automotive aftermarket and Hipper Freios has a great opportunity to take your parts beyond the Americas.


The last stop of the Hipper Freios will be in Las Vegas, United States, to participate in the 2016 AAPEX, fair will feature over 2200 manufacturers, resellers and suppliers of auto-parts to aftermarket.


In addition of being a great honor, the participation in global events are great opportunities to, expose Hipper products and solutions, to meet also the trends and news from the automotive sector for the next year.

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