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Presenting our new brand for you

Presenting our new brand for you

Always attentive to the market and its constant innovations, Hipper Freios follow the changes that the industry requires, with responsibility, ethics and determination. Therefore, works continuously to improve its products and services, following the innovations that emerge daily. Thus, adds optimizations to its product line through different technologies, used also by automakers. Among them, we highlight the Hipper Carbon, which integrates a high carbon level to products, providing many advantages as higher thermal conductivity, heat dissipation and contribution to the reduction of vibrations.


To ensure the quality of our products and the safety of drivers of vehicles that rely on the Hipper Freios parts, the innovation is part of our daily lives, and that's why we decided to change the design of our brand.


Now, the curves of the layout are more pronounced and make direct reference to the products we manufacture. More current and clean, the new brand conveys the right direction and growth, and was created solely to provide all the feeling of stability, security and comfort that our products provide, in addition to forward the growth of the company and all the latest technology of the industrial park.


With our new brand, we also present our site completely redesigned, with a more modern and minimalist visual programming, in addition to having a responsive design, being possible any navigability, whether in computer, notebook, smartphone or tablet. Other than that, you can search for products, as well as Hipper news and releases


See now how is our new brand.

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