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Review tips for brake discs

Review tips for brake discs

Friend repairer, you know that the brake system of a vehicle has on average 30 components that must be reviewed and regularly? So pay attention to some tips the HIPPER FREIOS, the largest manufacturer of brake discs of Latin America brought in the April edition of the journal Brazil Workshop for you.


During the braking process of an automobile, the friction components are subjected to high temperature fluctuations and mechanical stress, Therefore the durability of these components depends exclusively on the conditions of use,  that is why, be alert to the brake system in General and not only the obvious, pads and disks.


One of the tips of the HIPPER FREIOS is always check the minimum thickness of the discs when periodic making the inspection or changing the pads. Research in the field identify which disks are replaced every two exchanges. With the aid of a calibrated measuring instrument, as a caliper or micrometer, you will have an accurate reading of the disc thickness (measure the discs always in the area of contact of the pads and not at the ends, where the Burr of the material).


HIPPER FREIOS have record on each disc the minimum thickness, compare and check if it is time to make the change. If you cannot see the information on the disc, enter on our e-Catalog or download the application to your phone to have access to our catalogue. Besides receiving the releases and give suggestions, you can see various tips and information, including checking the minimum recommended specifications for each type of vehicle.


Another important tip is to always check the conditions of the wheel hub, analyzing your beat with the aid of a magnetic base dial indicator gauge, and always perform cleaning with the aid of thin iron sandpaper and a steel brush. If the cube has a warping more than 0, 05 mm, must be replaced, because that change will reflect twice as large on the disks, generating trepidation on the pedal at the time of braking.


Many unforeseen issues can be avoided if the vehicle is in good condition and ready to match up to the needs. For that, you need to keep it in good condition, doing preventive maintenance. And, If the inspection is noted the needs to change the disks, choose products HIPPER FREIOS. Combining high technology, higher performance in all conditions of the track and, thus, ensuring a more precise braking and steering much safer to use.


Article published in the newspaper Oficina Brasil: column of the GOE - Group of Specialized Workshops.

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